A bit more about me

My professional life frequently has me wearing many hats. I have keen marketing sensibilities, a pragmatic mindset, and good aesthetic insight. This means I’m regularly consulting with business leaders to refine and communicate strategy shifts and launch new products and services.

On my off hours you can find me cycling around the Queen City, drinking too much coffee, or delivering a mean slice at the ping pong table.

UX + CX = HX

User Experience focuses on interface design. Customer Experience is holistic service design for a brand. As more fun acronyms like VR and AR shape the Human Experience throughout throughout our world, organizations need to think beyond traditional methods to engage their audiences through ever-evolving mediums and social interactions.

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Reading between pixels & data

Organizations often have a service request before they have a question. The question is no longer, "how well do we know our audience?" Today it's, "how well does the audience know themselves?" The answer is that the data knows your audience better than everyone.

Therein lies the story. This is my craft. These gracious brands have trusted me to tell their stories.

Client list

Case Study: Modernizing Allstate's New Hire Education

Allstate was sending facilitators all over the world armed with training documents to educate it's 80,000-person strong workforce - not exactly the most effective method. We analyzed the skills required for each role and took a branched learning approach that meant more consistent training across the workforce for shared skillsets and allowed far easier cross-training. Instructors became coaches for transitional employees and the knowledge transfer and practice was delivered in polished, multimedia-rich, engaging eLearning modules.

Allstate's on-boarding and educational experience was now leaner with a dramatically improved speed-to-productivity for new hires entering the production force far sooner than before. This saved significant operational costs while making the new hires more effective. The program was rich with metrics of trainee knowledge retention that allowed leadership and managers to easily to measure against dynamic KPIs, and for education designers to get regular, consistent feedback to optimize the training material. All of these benefits were impossible to do before, but now impossible to imagine without.

Allstate Case Study

Life, captured

Images should intrigue a passer-by for a second look. Videos should capture your brand's core purpose. Copywriting should speak words that ring truth in advertising. Design should be useful, intuitive, and invisible.

Creative direction, video production, animation, and photography for clients of varied scale. 4K aerial photo/video. eLearning design & development

Say hello.

Charlotte's West side is the city's last bastion of gentrification, and it's what I call home. I'm available for coffee or a beer to hear your story.